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P-CUBE Model: Process Consulting Uplifting to Business Excellence


P-CUBE Model: Process Consulting Uplifting to Business Excellence

Co-authored by Shrikant Chaphekar, Senior Consultant at Axis Technical Group. Traditionally a Quality Assurance team in a business technology consultancy is responsible for ensuring projects follow internal processes based on the organization’s quality standards. In past years, QA process funct...

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Company Identity: Stay True to You

While I was waiting in line at Pieology Pizzeria the other day, I read something that resonated very strongly with me. Immediately I started to reflect on my life, my company, my career and the decisions I make on a daily basis. Here's what I saw: I felt such a huge sigh of relief, becau...

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5 Ways to Make Clients Love You_Blog

5 Ways to Make Your Clients Love You

No, we’re not talking about the “woo-woo, give me a hug” kind of love you’d experience with family and friends. That’s just too easy. We’re talking about the tough love that comes from clients, employers and professionals who you work with on a daily basis. Happy clients tend to show ...

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Vastly Increase Your Profit Margin with Axis’ Hybrid Onshore/Offshore Model

You send an email from your home office in Los Angeles at 10:00 a.m.; it arrives at your offshore facility in India, where the local time is 10:30 p.m. You don’t receive a response until that evening; by which time you’re already home with your family or getting ready to turn in. You read the em...

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CASE STUDY: Online Portal for Financial Services Firm

CASE STUDY: Online Portal for Finanical Services Firm INTRODUCTION Kilowatt Financial provides document management and processing services portals for contractors involved in the installation of solar panels for consumers. Through a variety of partners who manage the programs, contractors can fac...

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Medical Device Developer – Application Development – Customer Case Study

Axis has completed the development of a medical implant tracking solution for one of the world’s most innovative medical device manufacturers. The solution provides an integrated product where manufacturers and sellers maintain a master repository for sharing device information such as patient da...

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Axis provides consulting and development services to one of the country’s leading dental services organizations.

  INTRODUCTION Axis provides consulting and development services to one of the country’s leading dental services organizations which provides business services to hundreds of dental offices nationwide, allowing dentists to concentrate on clinical excellence and the highest levels of cos...

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Overcoming the Challenges of Communication, Culture And Trust Between Onshore and Offshore Development Teams

At Axis, we run our projects with our clients utilizing a combination of onshore and offshore resources.  For over a decade we’ve been doing it and we have learned some valuable lessons to establish better synergy within our widespread workforce. This article showcases the inherent challenges wor...

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