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MINExpo 2016: Top 10 Reasons to be Excited


MINExpo International is just two weeks away, but what is there really to be excited about?


With 60,000 people expected to attend, business deals set to be closed, big boy toys ready to be climbed on, and plenty of entertainment lined up, there is really only one question: Where will you be?

For those of you that are new to MINExpo (like me), or even if this isn’t your first rodeo, here’s a list of things to look forward to this year. We’d also love to hear from you about what has you most excited. Let us know by commenting below.

Let’s get to it.


Did you realize MINExpo only comes around every 4 years? This will only be their 6th show since 1996. Just like the Olympics and World Cup, the rarity of the event is enough to get your attention. Anticipation on the other hand is a powerful thing – one that should be embraced. Miss this year’s event and you won’t be able to hit it up until 2020. No time like the present.

2.)  VAY-GUS

I admit I’m past that age (36 year-old family man) where Vegas isn’t nearly as appealing to me as it was a decade ago. The only time it comes up is for a bachelor party or to visit friends. But this will be wholly different, as I have never experienced a Vegas convention, let alone one of this scale, popularity and extravagance.

More than 60,000 professionals are expected to attend, and with that many people, you know good times will be had. Most business deals are closed after hours anyway.


Speaking of which, who likes money?! Well, big business (literally) will be booming at MINExpo and my company intends to profit from it in a big way. We’re talking about 1,800 companies taking over 840,000 square feet to try and show you something you 1.) need, 2.) want, and/or 3.) never seen before… in hopes of finding the next perfect client or alliance. We’re game for that!


I’m sorry to let the CAT out of the bag (Get it?), but every four years Caterpillar puts on a BREATHTAKING nighttime event after the conference lets out. Yes, they put on quite a show during the day, (as you can see below) but I can only imagine what this year they plan to present at a “famous Vegas Hotel”. (By the way, it’s by invite only. Hit us up and we’ll try to get you in.)


I couldn’t predict the housing crisis was going to be as bad as it was – not many did, except for those guys on the Big Short – but there have been disparate views on the future of the mining industry in general. I hear from professionals and read articles that are positive and reassuring; some that are neutral; and others that are downright negative.

Oil, gas, coal, raw metals, natural minerals, etc. Some are on the rise, other not so much. I’m curious if the attitudes of the populace will gravitate more towards latent skepticism or kinetic optimism within the various sects of the industry.

We all know there is change coming — in fact it’s already here — considering the election, regulations, environmental issues. But like the rest of us, the industry is evolving with the rest of the world. I’m confident it will with great success, as long as the right leaders are in place.


It’s one thing to travel somewhere new or attend something you never have before. But to have a tenured industry expert – a 4th generation mining guru – show you the ropes… and introduce you the heavy hitters in the industry… and get you and your team into the biggest and best shows. That’s worth something! Looking at you, Russ Armbrust. Let’s do this!


It’s no wonder why I have so much fun playing in the dirt with my two-year-old son and his toy trucks, bulldozers and cranes. We, as men, never grow out of them. No matter how old we are, we love complex machinery, working with our hands and getting dirty. Some things never change. And MINExpo will have no shortage of large equipment in the showroom to feast our eyes on. I can already smell the diesel.


Regardless of profession, industry or skill set, we should all be in the business of LEARNING. Combining knowledge with real life experiences is what makes events like these so great. Take pride in what information you will absorb. Then pay it forward with every person you come in contact with to really get the knowledge flowing.

MINExpo will have plethora of educational sessions led by the industry’s top professionals that will tackle the most current and pressing issues affecting our industry. The information shared at these sessions, scheduled on Tuesday (9/27) and Wednesday (9/28) mornings, will help us understand the changes that are coming. And if you’re a professional needing development credits, they will apply here too.


Here are six of the big names speaking at this year’s event, ready to inspire an already captivated audience:


We are primarily a services company, which means it’s all about relationships. Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues, connecting with peers or meeting company stakeholders, those initial conversations and follow up meetings are integral to our success. In a world where “talking shop” is our business, it’s not only important to get to know people within the industry but on a personal level too. That’s where the relationship transcends from intermittent to lifelong.

Honorable Mention:


Meeting new and interesting people has to be one of the coolest feelings. He or she could turn out to be an SME you plan to leverage at your next seminar… or your next big sale… or they said something to you that had a profound effect on you. I’m sure MINExpo will be full of surprises, vastly stimulating ideas, new innovative practices and personal cosmic epiphanies. So embrace the mystery and the unknown. You never know where it will lead.

You can also visit the MINExpo Website for a plethora of information on speakers, pricing, events, sponsors and much more by clicking here: http://www.minexpo.com/


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Beth, September 27, 2016, 6:35 pm

Hi – we are first time exhibitors at the show and trying to do some networking while we’re here. I’ve been tasked with trying to find out more about this caterpillar event and your blog post has been the only information I can find. If you can share information about how we can participate in this industry event, please email me!

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