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Axis Technical Group Welcomes New Round of Investment for Intelligent Document Classification and Data Extraction software offering, Axis AI.

The significant round of investment will allow for rapid expansion of the company’s advanced document classification and data extraction offering and its capacity to meet the overwhelming demand.

ANAHEIM, Calif, April 7, 2014: Axis Technical Group (www.axistechnical.com), a global business technology advisor to industry-leading companies in real estate, healthcare and financial services, is pleased to announce the closing of the first major funding round for its Advanced Intelligent Document Classification and Data Extraction solution – Axis AI (Artificial Intelligence). The investment is being put to immediate use in order to rapidly scale up to meet the current demand for Axis AI and the operational delivery team behind it. Leveraging patent pending algorithms and advanced natural language processing (“NLP”) technology, Axis AI reads and derives the meaning from any type of electronic content and is capable of processing millions of documents in a very short period of time.  Axis AI enables companies to eliminate and/or significantly reduce manual document preparation, classification and hand keying of information while dramatically reducing the time and effort required to conduct this work.

“This is an exciting time for Axis Technical Group,” says CEO Greg Lovett. “Ours is an ever-changing market, and to increase our share and presence in the field, we recognize the need to continually respond to and fulfill customer demands as rapidly as possible. This funding round will provide the resources required for our Axis AI initiatives, and to meet the needs of current and new customers, both now and in the future.”

About Axis Technical Group

Axis Technical Group is a global business technology advisor to leading companies in the real estate, healthcare, and financial services industries. Fast, fluid and focused, our global team provides unmatched technical and business expertise.  Coupled with our advanced intelligent classification and data extraction software offering, Axis AI, Axis empowers companies to rapidly access and transform their data into actionable business intelligence. It’s not just about the technology – it’s what we can do for your business. Learn more at www.axistechnical.com.

Clients Testimonials

  • I have been waiting twenty-five years for this technology to arrive! This is really going to drive down our operational costs by allowing us to use fewer people at the data entry level and ultimately at the verification level too. In addition to the benefits going forward, the system also has the ability to take stale data and have it converted into the new system. We had a plant that we capped a few years ago but continued to buy the electronic images from the County….

    Meridian Title Corporation
  • “We now offer an innovative and high-tech solution to our clients. The system is faster and more efficient than our previous solution. It results in faster responses from the customers and quicker responses to their inquiries. The result: our portal moves the process along faster, and everyone wins. We are delighted with the quality of the work Axis had delivered; their implementation has indeed performed on the vision we had for our solution.”

    Kilowatt Financial
  • Working with your company, we have been able to maintain an extremely high level of talent within the group. The resources you have provided us with have given us some key technical skills in specific areas and have made it quite affordable to provide quality support to our business. The Axis resources have blended well into our existing teams and have allowed us to augment our staffing with a variable cost structure.

    CIO – Lending Tree Loans
  • Our team spent several years looking for the right technology solution that would provide our customers with the most robust, accurate, easily searchable data. Axis proved that they could do what they said they would do. They are knowledgeable, competent and understand our needs as a customer.

    President CourthouseDirect.com
  • It doesn’t have to take a big army to get something done. By engaging Axis’ technical resources, we were able to fast-track our project. With Axis, we have IT staff on demand.

    Senior IT Manager, Alcoa Certificate System