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Legacy Migrations, Application Development & System Integration

System Modernization ServicesAxis has successfully assisted organizations of all sizes and industries to improve system performance and workflow management while lowering the cost of maintenance by migrating legacy systems to the Microsoft technology stack.

Our team of experienced Business Analysts, Developers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance specialists guide our clients through a methodology to streamline processes, update technology, maintain oversight and ensure quality, including data migration, change management and post-implementation support.

Axis’ success with legacy modernization and migration projects is achieved by leveraging the latest technology, applying industry best practices for development and project management, and harnessing our world-class Quality Assurance testing services.

Why Modernize Your Legacy Systems

Many organizations today are looking to reduce costs and at the same time improve their computer system operations.

Their business processes are transforming. Many organizations find that their system or application no longer meets the requirements for which it was designed as the business process has fundamentally modified or advanced, making the system or application obsolete. In many cases, the system or application is incompatible with future environments.

The technology or business function it supports becomes more complicated than the legacy platform intended. The original system or application is unable to run appropriately and causes significant disruption.

The system or application is no longer supported by the vendor. The functionality or process is still functioning, but a shortage of vendor support exposes serious risk to the platform, system, or application and business process it drives. This often leads to a dramatic cost burden for the organization.

Customer expectations have changed. Today clients expect services on a multitude of devices and platforms including mobile and Web. Not only do these devices need to be online, but they must be faster than ever before. How often have you contacted a business only to hear, “Sorry, the computers are running a bit slow today”? This results in higher labor costs and lower customer satisfaction.

Benefits of System Modernization

Organizations today are looking to reduce the cost of running their business-critical applications. However, in doing so they still wish to improve productivity, implement changes faster, and reduce IT project backlogs. By outsourcing these tasks to Axis, an organization can move these programs forward without adding headcount or creating additional burden on its employees.

Developing and deploying applications requires careful assessment and planning. Axis has years of experience developing such solutions, including SaaS and Cloud, offering increased scalability, stronger security, plus capacity and integration with other on-premise or Cloud applications.


Change is not easy. Technical and staffing uncertainties should be considered.

  • Coexistence of legacy and new systems—it is not practical to migrate everything at once.
  • Organizational change management—users need to be retrained and equipped to use and understand the new applications and platforms effectively.

So Many Options — Where Do You Start?

Axis can assist your team in determining the ideal solution for your environment. Some factors and technologies to consider with modernization include:

  • Migration of languages (3GL or 4GL), databases (legacy to RDBMS and one RDBMS to another), platform (from one OS to another OS).
  • Rehosting the legacy applications, with no significant changes, on a different platform. Typical examples include mainframe applications being rehosted on Wintel or UNIX platforms
  • Reengineering legacy applications in a new technology or platform, with same or enhanced functionality—usually by adopting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

A Wealth of Experience

Axis’s years of experience goes beyond just coding a new application or moving over a database. We have expertise with:

  • Strategy and conceptualization, platform strategy, architecture and design, user experience design and prototyping, development and testing, on-premise to SaaS migration, and on demand software development

We offer a variety of options and experience that can help a client with a variety of options:

  • Web Integration, SQL Integration, Dashboards, Cloud and SaaS, system optimization, e-commerce, GUI design, mobile device access, and applications.
  • Billing and payments, portals, content management systems, document imaging, security, multi-tenancy, and data Isolation. On-premise data, application, and process integration.

A Phased Modernization Approach

We know most of these projects are long-term, multiyear projects. A migration strategy must ensure that the system remains fully functional during the modernization effort.

Our projects are incrementally modernized. Axis provides complete business coverage with well understood and implemented overlapping functionality.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development

Our seasoned team of developers have expertise and certification spanning the entire Microsoft Application Platform.

  • .NET Services – following development best practices
  • ASP.NET Web, Windows, mobile, Application, Azure, .NET Professional Services
  • SOA, cloud and mobile enablement

By using reusable frameworks, ready-to-integrate code, tools, methods, and best practices we save our client’s development time and associated costs. Our implementations follow robust, scalable, and secure software design using proven agile development practices.

A Boutique Experience

While similar firms operate from a one-size-fits-all attitude, our primary focus is—and has always been—tailoring business and IT solutions to the specific goals and needs of each client with whom we engage. It is not just about the technology; it is what it can do for your business.

Please view our cases studies to learn more about our client success.

  • Kilowatt Financial Services Inc. provides document management and processing services portals for contractors involved in the installation of solar panels for consumers.
  • MDS Pharma Services migrated from a Lotus Notes based expense tracking application to a web-based Microsoft .NET application that tracks employee expenses with greater functionality and features than the previous platform.

Clients Testimonials

  • I have been waiting twenty-five years for this technology to arrive! This is really going to drive down our operational costs by allowing us to use fewer people at the data entry level and ultimately at the verification level too. In addition to the benefits going forward, the system also has the ability to take stale data and have it converted into the new system. We had a plant that we capped a few years ago but continued to buy the electronic images from the County….

    Meridian Title Corporation
  • “We now offer an innovative and high-tech solution to our clients. The system is faster and more efficient than our previous solution. It results in faster responses from the customers and quicker responses to their inquiries. The result: our portal moves the process along faster, and everyone wins. We are delighted with the quality of the work Axis had delivered; their implementation has indeed performed on the vision we had for our solution.”

    Kilowatt Financial
  • Working with your company, we have been able to maintain an extremely high level of talent within the group. The resources you have provided us with have given us some key technical skills in specific areas and have made it quite affordable to provide quality support to our business. The Axis resources have blended well into our existing teams and have allowed us to augment our staffing with a variable cost structure.

    CIO – Lending Tree Loans
  • Our team spent several years looking for the right technology solution that would provide our customers with the most robust, accurate, easily searchable data. Axis proved that they could do what they said they would do. They are knowledgeable, competent and understand our needs as a customer.

    President CourthouseDirect.com
  • It doesn’t have to take a big army to get something done. By engaging Axis’ technical resources, we were able to fast-track our project. With Axis, we have IT staff on demand.

    Senior IT Manager, Alcoa Certificate System