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Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

Axis Technical leverages SFIA in order to provide the very best benefits and value to our customers. Reduced recruitment costs and increased customer satisfaction are just two of the benefits that come from this skills framework.

SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) is the method of describing the professional skills needed by IT. Owned by the SFIA Foundation since it was conceived in 2003, the framework’s Version 6 was last updated in June 2015 and is used globally by both private and public sectors. It is freely available for individual use and access can be granted by contacting the SFIA foundation at www.sfia-online.org.

Tangible Benefits

  • Reduction in Recruitment Costsfia
  • Reduction in Training Cost
  • Reduction in Outsourcing and Subcontracting Cost

Intangible Benefits

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Morale
  • Increased Efficiency of Support Functions (i.e. HR, Training, Operations)
  • Optimum Utilization of Delivery Core Function
  • Improved Organizational Image and Stakeholder Involvement

Clients Testimonials

  • I have been waiting twenty-five years for this technology to arrive! This is really going to drive down our operational costs by allowing us to use fewer people at the data entry level and ultimately at the verification level too. In addition to the benefits going forward, the system also has the ability to take stale data and have it converted into the new system. We had a plant that we capped a few years ago but continued to buy the electronic images from the County….

    Meridian Title Corporation
  • “We now offer an innovative and high-tech solution to our clients. The system is faster and more efficient than our previous solution. It results in faster responses from the customers and quicker responses to their inquiries. The result: our portal moves the process along faster, and everyone wins. We are delighted with the quality of the work Axis had delivered; their implementation has indeed performed on the vision we had for our solution.”

    Kilowatt Financial
  • Working with your company, we have been able to maintain an extremely high level of talent within the group. The resources you have provided us with have given us some key technical skills in specific areas and have made it quite affordable to provide quality support to our business. The Axis resources have blended well into our existing teams and have allowed us to augment our staffing with a variable cost structure.

    CIO – Lending Tree Loans
  • Our team spent several years looking for the right technology solution that would provide our customers with the most robust, accurate, easily searchable data. Axis proved that they could do what they said they would do. They are knowledgeable, competent and understand our needs as a customer.

    President CourthouseDirect.com
  • It doesn’t have to take a big army to get something done. By engaging Axis’ technical resources, we were able to fast-track our project. With Axis, we have IT staff on demand.

    Senior IT Manager, Alcoa Certificate System