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How Can Technology Be Used To Extract Data From Unstructured Documents

AIIM Roundtable

How Can Technology Be Used To Extract Data From Unstructured Documents

During our roundtable discussion at the AIIM Conference, we shared our stories and experiences to help identify best practices to process the unstructured content. We tried our best to not get into Ph.D. level discussions as we only had 45 minutes, and would probably lose a few people if we did that...

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Document Imaging Report

Axis Technical Group and Axis AI featured in an interview with the Document Imaging Report

The Axis Technical Group were recently featured in an interview with Ralph Gammon of the Document Imaging Report (DIR). Ralph is the Editor and Publisher of the Document Imaging Report Newsletter - a semi-monthly publication covering all the news and trends in the maturing document imaging hardware...

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AIIM Check List

14 Steps to a Successful Enterprise Content Management Implementation

ECM technologies work. This 14-point checklist will show you how to make them work for you. ECM, Enterprise Content Management, is the technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. The goal of ECM is to improve the effe...

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AIIM 2015 – In the Hot Seat

As we start to think about #AIIM15, they asked a number of the sponsors a few identical questions in order to get an understanding of how they see the future of our industry -- and let those of you attending start to think about your own questions to ask them in San Diego. Here are the questions the...

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AIIM 2015

Are Companies Successfully Extracting Data from Unstructured Content

Unstructured data denotes to information that either does not have a well-defined or organized data model. Unstructured information is characteristically text-heavy, but may contain data such as amounts, percentage's, dates, numbers, and facts as well, for example: contracts terms, loan amounts and ...

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Migration, Modernization and Mainframes: Your Legacy System

For decades, organizations have relied on Mainframes to run operations. Moreover, while better solutions exist, an “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” mentality has often surrounded Mainframes. However, with modernization inevitable, it is time to choose a modern platform. Here, we look at the ...

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Software Testing

The Importance of Testing In Software Development

Software testing determines the quality of software after a programmer develops it. This process involves evaluating information that is related to a product. Businesses perform their daily activities more efficiently when they implement software testing procedures. Competition is tough, so every...

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